Start date:
November 2015
End date:
December 2015
Barwick Valley (ASPA 123), Lake Bonney, Lake Fryxell, Lake Vanda
Principle Investigator:
Dr. Andrew Klein
Texas A&M University
This project aims to establish a long-term environmental monitoring program at Palmer Station, similar to that at McMurdo Station, that will aid the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) in meeting reporting requirements of the Antarctic Treaty. The Antarctic Treaty’s Protocol on Environmental Protection, supplemented by the policies and practices of the nations that work and do science there, have combined to focus scrutiny on foreseeable or detected anthropogenic impacts. This project collects a system of observations that should enable scientists to be more aware of anthropogenic impacts on both marine and terrestrial habitats. The observations are located precisely and tracked over time. Researchers will use geographic information systems (GIS) techniques and geostatistical methods to organize these diverse data sets into a coherent, coordinated framework.