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Artists have travelled to Antarctica from the earliest explorations.

Artists have travelled to Antarctica from the earliest explorations, with photographers Herbert Ponting and Frank Hurley perhaps the best known. The United States and New Zealand Antarctic programmes continue to support a small number of artists, writers, media, education and other visitors who can help to communicate the science and environment to the public. Where appropriate, these visitors may travel to the Dry Valleys. Current arts, media and education visitors are listed in the activities directory.

The links below provide some examples of artists and writers' reflections on the Dry Valleys:

Image: 1997/98 Antarctic Arts Fellow Nigel Brown painting in the Taylor Valley © Tim Higham, Antarctica NZ Pictorial Collection: K394 97/98


Snowy Rock

Wright Glacier and Labyrinth, from Mount Thor. © Andris Apse, Antarctica NZ Pictorial Collection: K211 07/08