Camps and Logistics


Eleven Facilities Zones have been designated within the Area.

Access into the Dry Valleys is usually by helicopter, although early in the summer vehicles may approach the coast from the sea ice. Vehicles are only allowed on lake ice and within the facility zones at Marble Point, New Harbour and Cape Roberts. Eleven Facilities Zones have been designated within the Area, where structures, camping, helicopter landing, storage of equipment and materials are concentrated. The Code of Conduct and Guidelines in the Management Plan for the Area encourage measures to minimise environmental impacts such as spill prevention, use of renewable energy, avoidance of sensitive sites and cleaning of equipment.

Image: Solar panels at Lake Hoare Camp (US) © Pat Bodger, Antarctica NZ Pictorial Collection: K233 03/04

Snowy Rock

Wright Glacier and Labyrinth, from Mount Thor. © Andris Apse, Antarctica NZ Pictorial Collection: K211 07/08