Start date:
Late October 2009
End date:
Early February 2010
Dry Valleys
Principle Investigator:
Diane McKnight
University of Colorado Boulder
Field season overview:
The field team will travel by helicopter to established field camps in Taylor Valley, primarily the F6 camp, where they will perform annual maintenance on stream gauging equipment and make necessary hydrologic measurements. They will continue to upgrade temperature and specific-conductance probes at several gauges in Taylor Valley. The field team will also make day trips by helicopter from their field camp to various other dry valley study sites. Samples will be processed in the field and at the Crary Lab, and some will be shipped to the home institution for further analysis.
The McMurdo Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) projects will continue to investigate the McMurdo Dry Valleys as an end-member ecosystem and focus on the relative roles of legacy and extant processes on current biodiversity and ecosystem structure and function. This project will continue the long-term monitoring of McMurdo Dry Valley streams by collecting water quality samples and operating a network of 18 stream-flow gauges.