Start date:
November 2009
End date:
December 2009
Granite Harbour
Principle Investigator:
Dr Mary A Sewell
Department of Biological Science, University of Auckland
Theme or program:
´╗┐Southern Ocean Research: Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystems
Phone +64 09 373 7599 Ext 83758
The pelagic community of the Ross Sea consists of a permanent component (= holoplankton) and a temporary component which is primarily made up from the larval stages of benthic marine invertebrates and fish (= the meroplankton). As part of the Latitudinal Gradient Project we are examining the distribution and abundance patterns of the meroplankton in the Ross Sea. Our research describes the meroplankton biodiversity along the Victoria Land coast and, through a molecular sequencing approach, allows linkage to the benthic adults from which they are derived.