Start date:
Late December 2009
End date:
Late January 2010
Wright Valley, Taylor Valley
Principle Investigator:
Gerilyn Soreghan
This Dry Valleys project is part of a larger project aimed at assessing weathering in proximal alluvial systems across a variety of climates. Researchers will collect sediment samples and compare them to parent rock compositions to determine the effects of weathering within a cold arid climate system on the bulk chemistry of siliclastic sediments. They will also collect limited water samples to supplement their weathering studies. Field team members will travel by helicopter to a camp in Wright Valley. There, they will sample from the proximal Onyx River draining Wright glacier, and from the fans draining both Clark and Denton glaciers. They also plan to visit the established Taylor Valley field camp and make day trips from there to the fan draining Goldman Glacier in Taylor Valley.