Start date:
End date:
Lakes Fryxell, Bonney, and Hoare
Principle Investigator:
Dr. Peter Doran
University of Illinois Chicago
This year’s field season work requires operational support including helicopter, cargo support, and allocation of space in Crary Lab. The researchers will be working out of established field camps, at Lakes Fryxell, Bonney, and Hoare, with planned day trips by means of helicopter support to Wright and Victoria Valleys. They will also be surveying ablation stakes on the ice surface at Lakes Hoare, Fryxell, and Bonney, which entails the assistance of UNAVCO. Researchers will also be working with UNAVCO to
establish data telemetry in the Dry Valleys. As in the past, we will be SCUBA diving in Lake Hoare in order to complete our benthic studies in collaboration with New Zealand colleagues.