Start date:
November 2013
End date:
December 2013
Taylor Glacier; Lower Taylor Camp
Principle Investigator:
Sarah Aciego
University of Michigan
The primary objective of this proposal is to apply high−precision geochemical techniques to the Taylor Dome ice core and the high−volume, high−resolution horizontal ice core at Taylor Glacier to (1) deconvolve regional versus global aerosol flux sources, (2) determine if the changing climate and weather in the Ross Sea region from the LGM (21 ka) through the Preboreal Holocene is recorded by aerosol compositional changes, and (3) provide a discretized record of southern hemisphere dust through the Younger Dryas and Antarctic Cold Reversal. The PIs will use ice from the Taylor Dome core and exposed ice from Taylor Glacier to measure variations in the isotopic composition of Sr, Nd, and Hf, trace element concentrations, major anions and cations, and dust size data in order to assign provenance of dust within the ice.