Start date:
November 2014
End date:
November 2014
Lake Vanda, Wright Valley
Principle Investigator:
Professor Ian Hawes
University of Canterbury
Our programme takes a multi-disciplinary approach to assess the sensitivity of inland aquatic habitats to incremental (e.g. climatic) and discontinuous (e.g. invasive species) change. This research will inform environmental management of Antarctic systems of how things are likely to change, which environments are likely to be most sensitive to change, and which areas need to be prioritised for protection. In the 2014/15 season, we will sample around the location of the old Vanda Stations site to check for contamination. We will:
Repeat sampling of locations around Vanda Station for contaminants;
Sample water now filling areas of known contamination for markers of human activity; and
Collect microbial mats in areas of known contamination for determination of bio-concentration effects."