Start date:
January 2016
End date:
February 2016
Lake Bonney, Lake Hoare
Principle Investigator:
Dr. Vincent LiCata
Louisiana State University
Persistence of Vision: Antarctica will be a moving image art installation that imaginatively stages encounters between historical and contemporary depictions of exploration and research in Antarctica. The encounters are conducted via creative "re-enactments" of still and moving images from historical expeditions to Antarctica. A selection of images will be re-staged in situ with modern substitutions for persons and objects. The project has letters of support and agreements with NSF-funded scientists and the New Zealand Antarctic heritage Trust to perform in these re-staged images. The images are broken out into six specific stations: Scientist Portraits, Provisioning, A Soccer Game, Mess, Pole and Landscapes. The contemporary images will be done using video portraiture. Audio recordings of environmental sounds and the discussions of the persons will be added to the final product. All video and audio equipment will be provided by the participants.