Start date:
October 2015
End date:
Decemeber 2015
New Harbor, Lake Bonney, Taylor Valley Glacier
Principle Investigator:
Mr. Shaun O'Boyle
Portraits of Place in Antarctica will provide a photographic perspective on the built environment of the science stations and the relationship to surrounding landscapes. A chronological progression of the architecture will be shown, giving a sense of the time periods of their construction, and the building techniques employed. All building types will be looked at, from science labs, housing, social space, to the infrastructure that keeps the stations running. A comparison between the historic huts and the current field stations is of interest because of the size and scale. The historic science labs from the Heroic Age will be photographed as well as the modern science labs. The photographer will also make visual comparisons to early explorations by taking photographs of the current landscapes in the Dry Valleys and putting them alongside historical documents.