Since 1995, tourists have visited the Taylor Valley by helicopter.


Tourism in the Ross Sea is ship-based, with small boat and helicopter (on equipped ships) landings at key sites for a few hours at a time. Since 1995, tourists have visited the Taylor Valley by helicopter, landing near Canada Glacier. Under the Management Plan for the Area, this site has been designated as a Tourism Zone, and is the only part of the Area available for tourism. The site is included in Antarctica New Zealand’s Ross Sea region visitor site assessment and monitoring programme, VISTA. The programme is largely based on visual observation and photography, and aims to better understand the impacts people may have in order to guide visitor management.

Links to tour operators who currently visit the Ross Sea region are listed below (check itineraries for possible Dry Valleys landings).

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Quark Expeditions

Image: Tour group from the Kapitan Khlebnikov at Canada Glacier  © Rebecca Roper-Gee, Antarctica NZ Pictorial Collection

Snowy Rock

Wright Glacier and Labyrinth, from Mount Thor. © Andris Apse, Antarctica NZ Pictorial Collection: K211 07/08