Management Group

A management group has been established to coordinate activities in the ASMA


The Management Plan for the Area establishes a management group to oversee coordination of activities to:

  • facilitate and ensure effective communication among those working in or visiting the Area;
  • provide a forum to resolve any actual or potential conflicts in use;
  • help minimize the duplication of activities;
  • maintain a record of activities and, where practical, impacts in the Area;
  • develop strategies to detect and address cumulative impacts;
  • disseminate information on the Area, in particular on the activities occurring and the management measures that apply within the Area, including through maintaining this  information electronically on this website;
  • review past, existing, and future activities and evaluate the effectiveness of management measures; and
  • make recommendations on the implementation of this Management Plan.

The group membership includes representatives of the Italian, United States, New Zealand National Antarctic Programmes. The members meet annually and communicate regularly.  They exchange information before and after each Antarctic research season on activities taking place and any problems or new information which might arise.

Management Group contacts

Image: Helicopter in the Dry Valleys © Lou Sanson, Antarctica NZ Pictorial Collection: K310 07/08

Snowy Rock

Wright Glacier and Labyrinth, from Mount Thor. © Andris Apse, Antarctica NZ Pictorial Collection: K211 07/08